Monday, April 25, 2011

El Diablo

Label Art for California's Own El Daiblo Pomade.

Yakuza Kitty

Self-merchandising with hand-screened apparel

Good Karma Kouture

Shirt design and screen printing project for Nic Marie's Good Karma Kouture.

Luther Hughes and the Cannonball Coltrane Project

Cover Art for the album "Things are Getting Better" from Luther Hughes and The Cannonball Coltrane Project. This album hit #2 on the Jazz Week Charts!

Scarlett May Blossom's Diary

I was brought on by Yellow Hat Productions to do backgrounds and some design for a pilot of a cartoon adaptation of Scarlett May Blossom's Diary - Just got the release to put these out on the net. Here are a couple concept sketches from this naughty little girl's natural habitat.

Views from the Town of Honeysuckle Grove and the Outside Inn Trailer Park:

Inside Daddy's Apartment.... and Mamma's:

And a few random views:

Homo Herectus

Cover for a the single "Pessimist" from Italian doom metal band Homo Herectus, released on New LM Records


These Peace Now patches kind of took on a life of their own. The limited run ran out almost instantly on the hoodies and leathers of the subculture, and before we knew it people were showing up with tattoos of this stuff!

Health Power 101

Medical illustrations done for Dr. Jeffrey Brown's Patient Empowerment Project from the Teach One Publishing Group. Below is a little branding image I did for them.

Groove Kings - Blood Red

Album Art for the Montreal based Groove Kings, released on the Visual Music label

And some Promotional designs as well:

Dolphin City - Discretion

Album cover for Dolphin City, released on their own label.

Avanti Cafe

Promotional designs for Avanti Cafe in Costa Mesa, CA. The image above was used for reusable shopping bags while the one below was designed for t-shirts.

Abigail's Adventure

The story of a mischievous little bunny named Abigail and her adventures in Zaina, a beautiful land where animals live in harmony with nature. At least, everything seems wonderful, until a fib Abigail tells her mom caches up with her...

The Blank Card

"The Blank Card"
Spot illustration for Weird Tales number 348

"The Messenger"

"The Messenger"
Full Page illustration for Weird Tales issue 347 from Wildside Press

Nasa Space Universe

Black and White T-shirt graphic for legendary Orange County punk rockers Nasa Space Universe.

Kill Me Comix

I drew Kill me Comix through 5 years and 6 issues, and just had fun with it. There is an unmatched freedom in independent print media for creative concepts and unique perspectives. These are underground comix for people who think a little different. They're a little bit crude and a little bit crazy, and really mirror my thinking. Between and within single issues, stories and formats radically vary from structured narrative to total abstraction, from teenage ideology to absolute absurdity, losing and finding styles and structures all the way along. Really, while I was drawing these, I thought I had them all figured out, but it's clear in retrospect that this work is totally unrestrained imagination running wild over paper.... and to me, that's still what it's all about.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Newport Beach Film Festival 2005

I worked making posters for the Newport Beach Film Festival when I was 16 years old. It was an interesting first break for me and even though they had ideas of what they wanted the imagery to be, I really got to go my own direction stylistically. Looking back on work I did so many years ago I always have a lot to critique, but it's an interesting piece of history none the less. Above is an advertisement for the Youth Division screening and below is a flyer calling for submissions.

The Ancient Past.....

Band related illustrations done between the ages of 13 and 16. I edited this down to the tip of the iceberg because no one really needs to see the primordial ooze my illustrations crawled out of. And, even though I've grown a lot as an artist since making these, there is something about naive teenage creativity that just can't be recaptured. So step into my adolescent mind and then let me know if I've grown up yet.